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Four Hand Massage in Ajman UAE

Four Hand Massage

Four hands massage is a treatment style in which two therapists both perform massage therapy on one person simultaneously and in synchronisation with each other. To be effective, the two therapists will usually have trained together so that they can work seamlessly in harmony during the treatment. This style of massage is also known as Tandem Massage or 4-Handed Massage.

A genuine four hands massage offers various advantages, and is more than just twice as good as its equivalent two-handed version.

One of the key additional benefits of four hands therapy is that you are likely to experience a much deeper and more intense level of therapeutic relaxation in both your mind and your body.

To better understand how a four hands massage works differently, think back to the last time you had a regular single therapist massage. Did you find yourself semi-consciously counting the number of strokes being performed or the time your masseuse was spending on each part of your body before moving to the next?

If you did, then you are one of many. It is natural to want to follow your therapist's progress during your treatment, but actually doing that detracts your mind from relaxing properly.

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